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Advanced I Tax Course

Course Description

(For Course Pricing You Must Register for a Live Webinar)


Advanced I Tax Course Package Includes:

  • Online, self-study advanced tax course.

    • Study anywhere/anytime with an internet connection

    • Prior tax preparation experience/knowledge is required.

    • Students normally enroll in this Course after completing the Comprehensive Tax Course and working at least one season as a tax preparer.

    • Divided into 2 modules, 5 chapters per module, a total of 10 chapters, a total of 30 CE credit hours

  • FREE Academic Support--Instructor Support Provided by Email

  • Automatic grading--with instructional feedback

  • Certificate of Completion--Emailed upon completion with a final passing grade of 70% or greater.

  • CTEC Continuing Education Course ID 1071-CE-3018;

    • 30 Hours of CE


Optional Additions:

  • With Books:

    • Order this course with books and you will receive all of the reading materials that are viewable online to be printed and bound for your easy reference while completing the course. (Prices of books include shipping costs.)

      • Additional shipping costs will apply if books are shipped outside the lower 48 states.


Term of Course

  • 3 months from the date of registration to complete the course.

    • Extensions can be purchased if more time is needed.



Updated Content

  • Our current courses are based on last year's tax law because this year's tax code is not finalized until December. We provide all students with a free Tax Law Update once the IRS issues updates.


Topics Include:

  • Affordable Care Act

  • Clergy

  • Investments

  • At-Risk Rules

  • Passive Activities

  • Injured/Innocent Spouse

  • Tax/Special Credits

  • COGS/Business Start-Up

  • Depreciation

  • Amortization

  • Section 179

  • Employee Business Expense

  • Office in Home

  • Auto Expenses

  • Self-Employment Tax

  • Statutory Employees

  • Capital Gains/Losses

  • Basis of Property

  • Sale of Stock

  • Installment Sales

  • Rental Properties

  • K-1s/1099s

  • Sale of Business Property

  • Estimated Taxes

  • Extensions


Learning Objectives:






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